Education Professional Development Philosophyment

Everyone learns mathematics best when engaged in a problem solving activity related to their personal experience.  It might involve determining the volume of a locker, having enough money to purchase lunch for a week, or determining what would be the best snack to serve based on data gathered from peers.  Using manipulatives to model mathematical situations helps to build understanding and leads to generalizations about the rules of mathematics.  Conversations are essential as students, teachers, or parents share ideas and evaluate their own thinking in light of ideas presented by peers.  

Our workshops guide teachers, parents, and students in carefully constructed activities, designed to deepen mathematical understanding.  When you can model an algorithm for any operation it becomes more powerful.  

Memorizing facts and procedures in a math class can be frustrating.  However, testing and verifying conjectures about numbers, which leads to discovery, builds confidence and an empowering perspective of math.   Mathematical knowledge is essential to functioning in our modern world.  

Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the participants, needs of the organization, and budgets.  Join us in any size group to begin your journey of mathematical power!