Number of Workshops

Work with math specialists, Peggy McLean and Alison Fox Mazzola, to develop ways to deepen students’ understanding of basic math concepts.  Emphasis on modeling, discourse, and ways to meet the range of student needs.  Take one workshop or all four.  Handouts provided.

When:    Please contact us to schedule a workshop for your school

Cost: $125 per workshop,    $400 for all four workshops

     Day 1   9-11:30AM                                           Day 1   12:30-3 PM

K-2 grade   Building Number Sense                                       K-2  grade   Logic and Data

3-5  grade   Place Value                                                         3-5 grade    Fractions


     Day 2   9-11:30 AM                                                    Day 2   12:30-3 PM

K-2  grade   Number Operations                                               K-2 grade     Geometry and Measurement

3-5  grade    Operations (multiplication and division)                3-5  grade     Geometry and Measurement